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Professional Commercial & Residential Floor Care Services

Floor Before — Floor Cleaning Services in Phoenix, AZ
Floor During — Floor Cleaning Services in Phoenix, AZ
Floor After — Floor Cleaning Services in Phoenix, AZ
All of our machines and products used are state of the art and professional grade. We scrub, clean, and seal all floor surfaces, to include, tile, concrete, vinyl, and natural stone. Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
Your carpet is one of the largest investments in your home or office. It should be taken care of by professionals. At SOS Floor Care and Janitorial Services, we offer two methods of carpet cleaning. We use either a truck mounted steam carpet cleaning system, or cold water solution/extraction, using powerful and professional portable machines.
Whichever method of carpet or upholstery cleaning you select, our prices always include per-spray, spotting, cleaning and deodorizing, with no hidden charges. The price you are quoted prior to our starting any cleaning, is the price you are charged. Call our professionals today at (602) 793-4447 for more information
Let us help you return your carpet or upholstery to what you first had when it was new.

Vinyl Tile

Your floors are a reflection of your office or business. Clean, shiny and well kept floors, tell your customers and clients that you care about your professional image.
At SOS Floor Care and Janitorial Services LLC, our technicians have over 50 years combined experience in the floor care business. We know how to pay attention to the little things when stripping, scrubbing and re-finishing your floors. We are sensitive to corners, the edges along baseboards and other areas where dirt and grime can collect.
We offer daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly maintenance for your vinyl floors. We burnish floors to return the luster and shine to your floors finish. We complete monthly or quarterly scrub and re-coats to remove scratches to your floors finish and bring the floor back to "like new" condition. We also complete total strip and finishes to your floors.

Ceramic Tile

At SOS Floor Care and Janitorial Services LLC, we clean grout and tile too. We pre-spray your grout and tile to begin the process of loosening that deep down grime and then, using hot water, steam and water pressure, we work the tile and grout to remove the dirt and leave your tile and grout in a fresh, clean condition.

Other Floor Surfaces

SOS Floor Care and Janitorial Services LLC, scrubs, cleans and seals concrete, natural stone and other hard floor surfaces as well. As our motto says, "If you walk on it, we take care of it".